Micro Bluetooth Gamepad FAQ
  • What devices can the gamepad be used with in Keyboard mode?
    • The gamepad's Keyboard mode is compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS/iPadOS, and Raspberry Pi.

  • Why doesn’t the D-pad work when connected to the device?
    • To activate the D-pad functions, press and hold either one of the button combos for 5 seconds based on your preference:
    • * Minus button + D-pad up = D-pad control
    • * Minus button + D-pad left = Left stick control
    • * Minus button + D-pad right = Right stick control
  • Why doesn’t the Star button work in Keyboard mode?
    • The Star button has no function by default, but you can assign a function to it using the Ultimate Software mobile app.

  • Can I use the gamepad as a Joy-Con when connected to a Nintendo Switch?
    • No, the gamepad cannot be used as a Joy-Con on the Nintendo Switch.

  • Does the gamepad support vibration or motion control?
    • No, it doesn’t.

  • Does the gamepad support the button combo function in keyboard mode?
    • Yes, you can customize it by using the Ultimate Software mobile app.

  • Can I map mouse buttons and actions to keyboard modes?
    • No, you can’t.