NEOGEO Wireless Controller FAQ
  • What devices and platforms is the controller compatible with?
    • Windows 10/11, Android, and SNK NEOGEO mini.

  • Can I connect the controller with NEOGEO mini via Bluetooth?
    • No, the NEOGEO mini does not support Bluetooth.

  • What do the four LEDs at the bottom indicate?
    • They indicate the player numbers when the controller connects with the Windows device, the 1st LED lights up for player 1 and so on, up to 4 players maximum.

  • How many NEOGEO Wireless controllers can be connected to NEOGEO mini simultaneously?
    • Up to 2 controllers.

  • Can I connect the controller to a Windows device via Bluetooth?
    • No, the controller works in Dinput mode when connected via Bluetooth and it does not work properly with most games on Windows.

  • Can I pair and connect the controller to multiple devices via Bluetooth?
    • No, the controller only works with one device at a time via Bluetooth. Please re-pair the controller if you would like to switch between devices.