Pro 2 Wired Controller FAQ

     What devices/platforms does it work with to play games?
  • It works with the Switch console, Windows 10/11 on PC, Android, and Raspberry Pi.
     Is the Pro 2 Wired Controller compatible with Linux, iOS or other operating system to play games?
  • No, but normally for Rasbperry Pi you can hold the B button and plug the controller in to play.
     How long is the USB cable of Pro 2 Wired Controller?
  • The USB cable is 3 metres.
     Does the 8BitDo Ultimate Software support this controller?
  • Yes, but it is only available to use on Windows platform.
     Is the Pro 2 Wired Controller able to play Android games?
  • You can use an OTG converter to connect your Android device and controller. Hold X or B button, then connect the controller to your Android device to enter its X-input mode or D-input mode to play Android games.
     Does Pro 2 Wired Controller have trigger vibration function?
  • No, only the controller that is officially licensed by Xbox has this feature. The Pro 2 Wired Controller has only two asymmetrical rumble motors at the grip.
     What can I do with the 8BitDo Ultimate Software? Is macro function available?
  • 8BitDo Ultimate Software gives you elite control over every piece of your controller: customizable button mapping, adjust stick & trigger sensitivity, vibration control and create macros with any button combination, press profile switch button to turn on/off and switch between 3 custom profiles.
     Does it have a mac version of the 8BitDo Ultimate Software on PC for Pro 2 Wired Controller?
  • No, there is only a Windows PC version .
     Is the connector of the cable USB-A or USB-C?
  • It is USB-A connector.
     Does it have turbo function when use on PC?
  • Yes, you can enable this feature and swap the star button to “Turbo” in 8BitDo Ultimate Software.
     Is the USB cable of the controller detachable?
  • No, it is not detachable.
     If I map L3 & R3 buttons to P1 & P2 back buttons, can I disable the L3 & R3 buttons input themselves?
  • Yes, you can set L3 & R3 buttons as “null” in the 8BitDo Ultimate Software.
     Does it have screenshot, home, turbo buttons and NFC, wake-up, motion controls functions while use on Switch console?
  • If the controller is connected to Switch, the star button corresponds to screenshot and logo button corresponds to home, there is no NFC, wake-up and motion controls function. When the controller is on Switch working mode(Y+Start), you need to swap the star button to “turbo” in the 8BitDo Ultimate Software to activate the turbo function. If you use the controller on a PC or other devices in X-input or D-input mode, the initial default input for star button is “turbo”.
     Why there is no respond when it’s connected to Raspberry Pi?
  • The working modes of the devices that the Pro 2 Wired controller is able to auto recognize and connect are normally X-input & Switch mode whereas for the device like Raspberry Pi that is required to use D-input, you need to manually activate the working mode as hold the B button first, then connect the controller to the device.