Retro Mechanical Keyboard FAQ
  • What devices does the keyboard support?
    • Windows and Android devices are supported. The BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is required for your devices over Bluetooth connection.

  • Does the keyboard have the backlight feature? Can I install the backlight by myself?
    • No, it doesn’t and neither can you install the backlight for the keyboard.

  • Can I replace the keyboard switches?
    • Yes, you can replace the keyboard switches with other three-pin or five-pin keyboard switches.

  • Can I replace the keycaps?
    • Yes, you can replace the keycaps with other OEM keycaps.

  • What are the four 3.5mm jacks for?
    • The four 3.5mm jacks are specifically for the 8BitDo Dual Super Buttons. They do not support other devices, such as earphones or microphones.

  • When will the Ultimate Software V2 be released?
    • 8BitDo Ultimate Software V2 will be released in September 2023. Stay tuned!