Ultimate C 2.4G Wireless Controller FAQ
  • The controller is not pairing with its 2.4G receiver, what should I do?
    • Press and hold [X+home] or [B+home] to turn on the controller, plug the 2.4G receiver into your device, hold the minus button on the controller for 5 seconds to re-pair the controller and its receiver, the home LED starts to blink rapidly, then wait for the reconnection between them.

  • Is the controller compatible with other platforms except Windows and Android?
    • The controller is also compatible with Raspberry Pi but it is not compatible with any other operating systems or platforms that are not mentioned.

  • Does the controller have rumble vibration on Windows and Android? What about other systems and platforms?
    • The rumble vibration works on Windows only.

  • Why do I feel stronger rumble feedback on the left side than the right side? Is my controller defective?
    • The controller is equipped with a pair of asymmetrical rumble motors on the left and right sides, Asymmetric motors can simulate a variety of vibrations according to different scenes in the game, creating an immersive sense while you play which is not a quality issue.

  • How do I switch the controller modes between Xinput mode and Dinput mode?
    • When the controller is powered off, press and hold [X+home] or [B+home] to switch between Xinput mode and Dinput mode. The mode you’ve switched will be saved.

  • Is the controller plug-and-play?
    • Yes. Please plug the dongle into the USB port of your Windows device, then press the home button to play. When it’s on Android or Raspberry Pi device, plug the dongle into the USB port of the device, then press and hold [B+home] to turn it on.

  • Can I customize the controller with the 8BitDo Ultimate Software?
    • No, you can’t. It is not supported.

  • Are there any other special features of the controller?
    • You can disable the dead zone of the joysticks depending on your own needs. Press and hold [plus+minus] buttons on the controller for 5 seconds to activate the “No dead zone” mode of the joysticks, the controller will vibrate twice. Please note that the joysticks may drift in the game if you activate this mode but they will perform with high accuracy at the same time. Repeat the same procedure on the controller to deactivate the “No dead zone” mode of the joysticks, the controller will vibrate once.