Ultimate Wired Controller FAQ
  • Is the Ultimate Wired Controller compatible with the Android device?
    • Yes. Please confirm the system of your Android device is above 9.0. Generally the Android device supports the OTG connection, the controller will enter in Dinput mode when you connect it to Android device while holding the B button.
  • Can I connect the controller to PC in Dinput mode?
    • Yes. Please connect the controller to PC while holding the B button.
  • Is the controller compatible with the Nintendo Switch? Why there is no inputs after the connection?
    • Please confirm the [Pro Controller Wired Connection] is enabled in the Switch settings.
  • Does the controller support NFC(amiibo), motion control, IR, HD rumble and wake up function?
    • No, they are not supported.
  • Does the Ultimate Software support the controller?
    • The controller is supported by the [Ultimate Software for PC] only, is not supported by the [Ultimate Software mobile app].
    • * The [Ultimate Software for PC] does not support the Switch mode of this controller.
  • What joysticks are equipped on the Ultimate Wired Controller?
    • KingSilver Potentiometer Joysticks.