8BitDo Media Remote FAQ

    What systems does it work with?
  • It works with Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One.
    What is the difference between Short edition and Long edition?
  • The long edition is a full version remote with numeral buttons, navigation, media control, and Xbox button.
  • The short edition is a simple version without numeral buttons.
    Does 8BitDo Media Remote support Fly Mouse?
  • No, it doesn't. This infrared remote can control Up, Down, Left, and Right movement at a constant speed.
    What can I do if the control is not sensitive?
  • Please aim directly at your Xbox and ensure there is no obstruction between 8BitDo media remote and the console when using.
  • Use within 8 meters directly in front of Xbox console, the strong light may shorten it.
  • When the backlight stops lighting up, please change the battery. Don't mix old and new batteries.
    How to open the back cover?
  • Please slide the battery compartment cover upward to open it.
    Why volume control doesn't work?
  • To control your TV and other media devices' volume through the Xbox console, please ensure that your device supports HDMI-CEC and this function is enabled. You can consult your device manufacturer for more details.
    What functions can be achieved through HDMI-CEC by controlling Xbox console with 8BitDo Media Remote?
  • Once CEC is enabled on your TV or AVR, you can control individual CEC settings on the console's TV & A / V power options settings screen.
  • Console turns on / off other devices: Turning on / off your Xbox console will also turn on / off your TV or AVR.
  • Console sends volume commands: The console can control the volume on your TV, AVR, or soundbar.
    Why some buttons don't work?
  • Certain features are available only in certain countries and regions.
    How do I turn off the remote? Why the backlit keeps blinking sometimes?
  • The backlit turns off after 5 seconds of no operation. When the backlit keeps blinking or stops lighting up, please change the battery.
    How to sync the media remote to the Xbox console?
  • 8BitDo Media Remote will control your Xbox console via Infrared when in range, no pairing needed.