8BitDo Ultimate Software V2 on PC

Our Ultimate Software V2 lets you effortlessly configure your programmable keys. Switch key mappings on the fly and take advantage of powerful macro functions for a personalized performance.


Assign the buttons with the functionality to your liking.

Mapping Mapping


Customize to complete specific tasks and adapt to different scenarios.

Macro Macro


    Does the keyboard have the backlight feature? Can I install the backlight by myself?
  • No, it doesn’t and neither can you install the backlight for the keyboard.
    Can I replace the keyboard switches?
  • Yes, you can replace the keyboard switches with other three-pin or five-pin keyboard switches.
    Can I replace the keycaps?
  • Yes, you can replace the keycaps with other OEM keycaps.
    What are the four 3.5mm jacks for?
  • The four 3.5mm jacks are specifically for the 8BitDo Dual Super Buttons. They do not support other devices, such as earphones or microphones.