Instruction Manual for Switch Pro Controller


  • *     required system: Windows 7 SP1 or above
  • *     Motion control, NFC scanning, IR camera, HD rumble, notification LED, player indicator are not supported

  • 1.     Connect the USB Wireless Adapter to your Windows device.
  • 2.     Press  pair  button on the USB Wireless Adapter, LED starts to blink rapidly.
  • 3.     Press  SYNC  button for 3 seconds to enter its pairing mode (this is required for the very first time only).
  • 4.     LED becomes solid when connection is successful.
  • *     controller will auto reconnect with the press of any button once it has been paired.

Button mapping (Xbox Controller)

Ultimate Software

  • Please visit for the application. It gives you elite control over every piece of your controller: customize button mapping, adjust stick & trigger sensitivity, vibration control and create macros with any button combination.


    Manual setting
  • Press the button combos below for 3 seconds to enter manual setting (LED will blink twice),USB Wireless Adapter 2 will not switch mode automatically.

  •     - Button + UP  = Xinput mode
  •     - Button + LEFT  = Dinput mode
  •     - Button + RIGHT  = Mac mode
  •     - Button + DOWN  = PSC mode
  •     - Button + L  = Switch mode
  •     - Button + UP + LEFT  = MD mode

  • * Automatic mode switch supports Windows and Switch only. Press the button combos to switch other modes.
  • * Press pair button on the USB Wireless Adapter 2 till LED turns off to cancel manual setting(controller needs to be re-paired)
    How do I connect Switch Pro to a Switch after pairing with the USB Wireless Adapter 2?
    Are NFC scanning and notification LED supported?
  • No, they are not supported.
    Can I remap the CAPTURE button?